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46 PROGRESSIVE EXERCISES for Low Horn (Intermediate) - Digital Download

Widely accepted to fill the gap between basic low horn info and the more difficult low horn exercises.

by Marvin McCoy

This book is written based on the author's teaching experience.  Although referenced in the title as exercises, it is more complex than simple exercises and can be considered etudes.  These etudes focus on the medium-low register, and are written in treble and bass clef using simple rhythms.  Different styles are approached in small progressive etudes, in staccato, legato and marcato, ranging from 2 staves to 1 page.

Difficulty Level: 3

STUDY in B FLAT BLUES for Horn Solo - Digital Download

Not just a study but exercises in playing the blues chord progressions.  Chord symbols provided in the music.

by Waldo Campos

One etude with 24 improvisations written on a Blues in F with included chord symbols.  All improvisations are written in a 2 octave range without any tempo mark.  It has a clear and simple notation with any key or bar changes.

Difficulty Level: 4

SILENT NIGHT, A Study in Horn Chords - Digital Download

A fun piece to help you practice your horn chords in preparation for "Weber Concertino" and other serious works.

Arranged by Thomas Bacon

An etude on horn chords, based on "Silent Night" by Franz Gruber. There is a small explanation of the multiphonics technique.  This etude uses singing in the flowing intervals: 4th and 5th, minor and major 6th, minor 7th, and major 10th.

Difficulty Level: 4

(FOUR IMPROVISATIONS from traveling impressions) - Digital Download

Some of the most popular solo horn pieces that we publish.

by Vitaly Buyanovsky

Difficulty Level: 5

LE RENDEZ-VOUS DE CHASSE for Horn Solo - Digital Download

Excellent solo horn piece for valve horn or natural horn.

(Valve horn in Eb and natural horn in Eb)

by Rossini/Baumann

A short brilliant piece for horn solo. The cadenza surprises the listeners with stopped passages and the use of double stops, which the legendary Giovanni Punto liked to play to show off is his cadenzas.

Difficulty Level: 4


More than studies, they could stand alone on a recital.

  •     Dance of the CapriCORns
  •     A Beautiful Whitsunday
  •     Viennese Waltz
  •     Dance of the HORNets

by Herman Jeurissen

The book is written in different styles: pastoral, scherzo, waltz, ending with a dance. The type of writing is mostly modal sometimes atonal. There are some bar changes.

Difficulty Level: 6

LIBRE - FREE - FREI for Horn Solo - Digital Download

A study in some modern horn techniques.

by Francis Orval

This piece permits the horn player to express to the maximum the possibilites that the instrument offers.  The dodecaphonic system is the principal structural base of this piece, but used without respecting the strict rules.

Difficulty Level: 5

THREE PIECES for Horn Solo - Digital Download

Quite difficult but well worth the effort.

by Willy Gouders


Difficulty Level: 6

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